My publication on Treg


Morikawa, H. et al. Differential roles of epigenetic changes and Foxp3 expression in regulatory T cell-specific transcriptional regulation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 111, 5289-5294, doi:10.1073/pnas.1312717110 (2014).
: My recent paper on Regulatory T-cells. This paper show the independent roles of Foxp3 and epigenetic modification of the genome (DNA Methylation). Foxp3 is thought to be the master gene of Regulatory T-cells, but from this paper, Foxp3 is essential for gene regulation of regulatory T-cell, but not sufficient.

Morikawa, H. & Sakaguchi, S. Genetic and epigenetic basis of Treg cell development and function: from a FoxP3-centered view to an epigenome-defined view of natural Treg cells. Immunological reviews 259, 192-205, doi:10.1111/imr.12174 (2014).
: Review article on regulatory T-cell specific gene regulation. Main aim of this review is show the latest general understanding of regulatory T-cell specific gene regulation. Understanding of this is important especially for clinical application of human regulatory T-cell, because human regulatory T-cell easily express Foxp3, but they are not all regulatory T-cells.